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The Fight Against Mental Illness

Men’s Health Archive is an online resource geared specifically towards helping men overcome their mental health issues. We provide information about mental health, a forum for discussion, and interviews with men from across the world.

Since launching in 2018, Men’s Health Archive has received a great response. Men from all over the world have told their story, shared our message, and supported our vision.



Over 65,000 people reached across all mediums.


Over 30,000 page views across our resources and archive.


Over 5,000 likes and comments across our social media.


Over 10,000 views over YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Research Database

Over 2,000 research articles archived.


11 interviews with men across the world.

Inspiring Men

We are inspiring men across the globe to seek mental healthcare. Our interviews and personal stories in the archive encourage others to reach out and share their own stories.

Ryan Montbleau

Ryan is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who tours the US with the Ryan Montbleau Band. Although he received his first guitar at age nine, it was not until attending college at Villanova that he seriously began to focus on his playing and songwriting. Ryan has accumulated over 2 million views on his YouTube channel and 29,000 followers on facebook.

Montbleau discusses his journey to becoming a touring artist and his mental health along the way.

Daniel Graham

Daniel Graham is a prominent woodworker and showcases his crafty design projects on instagram and his website. He was raised in a military family and moved every two years. He received an undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and a masters degree from the University of Georgia.

Daniel discusses how mental illness relates to his life and how he reacted to constant moves as a child.

Art Green

Art Green, a New Zealand native, was the former bachelor of New Zealand. He is also a successful business mogul. Art has accumulated over 100,000 followers on instagram following his bachelor stint. 

Art discusses a routine he follows to maintain his mental health and how starring on the bachelor affected his life.

From the Archive

"Why Men’s Health Archive Matters, from my perspective, is it gives a new outlet for communication. A place to pick up new ideas and also learn and share experiences with those going through similar struggles."

"Talking to someone about your issues, even if they don’t seem too severe, is really the first step anyone who is struggling should take. Even though it was extremely intimidating to finally talk to someone, it was 100% the right move."